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Doug's Tree and Lawn Care Service

We go out on a limb for our customers

Christian Bauer, Groundsman, Doug's Tree and Lawn Care
We go out on a you won't have to.

Removing trees, especially large and storm-damaged trees, can be dangerous work. Our professional crews are trained and equipped to perform each job in a safe manner reducing further risk of damage to your residential or commercial property.
It's a tough decision to let a tree go. Thinking ahead a few years will help.

Removing a dead or dying tree is advisable as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, the more decay has set in, and the more dangerous the tree becomes. Other factors include proximity to buildings, foundations, driveways, pools, utilities, play areas, and when a tree is leaning toward an unfortunate target.
The fastest way to remove a tree stump.

For many years it was thought that stump grinding was an optional tree care service that wasn’t necessary if the stump was in a remote location in the landscape. Current research indicates that grinding out tree stumps can reduce the chance of other trees in your landscape from becoming infected with tree decay fungi.
After a tree or branches are removed by Doug's Tree and Lawn Care, we really clean up.

Wood, branches and all debris are removed and hauled away, unless you'd like to keep some of it! We'll cut it into managable pieces for your fireplace or backyard firepit. Looking for firewood? Check out our Facebook updates for our firewood supply at our location on Airport Rd.

Helping you prepare your lot for development or thin the vegetation on your property.

We provide lot-clearing services for commercial, residential and private properties and will work with you to preserve any existing trees. In addition to clearing lots for development or general use, lot clearing also keeps rodents and other vermin from taking up residence in the area.

safe tree removal

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